Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day! A Memorable dinner at Antoines in New Orleans: March 17, 1914

Featured here is the menu and program cover from the annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner in New Orleans. This particular dinner was held at Antoine's and featured such delicious green delicacies as Absinthe Verte and Artichaux Bayard. The final course seems especially compelling -- cigars, cigarettes, and Café Diabolique -- flambéed coffee served tableside, and still an Antoine's tradition. This program and menu and several other equally interesting St. Patrick's Day Dinners, including one from 100 years ago - 1908) are from the T.P. Thompson Collection at the Hoole Special Collections Library. T.P. Thompson's book collections are the foundation of the Hoole Library's rare books collections. And his papers are an incredible collection of materials that relate to his collections, his civic and business life, and his deep love for the city of New Orleans.

To learn more about T.P. Thompson, stay tuned for Exhibit Mashup No. 2! (Hint No. 2) And have a very happy St. Patrick's Day and a very safe and happy spring break to those who are lucky enough to get one!

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